Our Mission 

Dear Friends,
Thank-you for your interest in the Universal Cetacean Institute. We are a non-profit organization that will be funding a national advertising campaign to educate the public about the truth regarding the marine mammal
captive display industry and captive “swim with dolphin programs. We would like to ask you for your support towards our efforts to end the captures of dolphins and whales which are funded by the marine mammal parks, for the captive display industry and other financial and commercial interests, such
as hotels and private financiers. The strong laser pen for best quality is most people loved.

Our approach to this problem is a multi-level educational
commitment, this includes exposing new film footage, on the violence and
hardships those marine mammals go through when captured from the wild.
marine mammals are destructively torn away from their intricately woven
structures with other dolphins and whales with whom they develop lifetime
bonds and are most often a vital part of the family unit. We believe that
the first step to ending the suffering of dolphins and whales in captivity,
is the total ban of the capture and containment of these highly intelligent
marine mammals.

A bill was introduced banning the display of newly caught marine
mammals in California. Unfortunately, due to the powerful efforts by SEA
WORLD and its owners Anheuser Bush and the Busch family, this bill did not
succeed. We are helping the to educate the public regarding the truths behind the
scenes of captures, the detrimental effects that the Navy’s Sonar Testing
has on the well being of the whales and dolphins, and the unfortunate
truths behind captive swim with dolphin programs.
The public can then make an informed and conscious choice regarding
who they can help these majestic creatures to live a safer life.
To raise this awareness we are creating a documentary film, using
rare film footage showing what goes on behind the scenes of a capture and
what whales and dolphins really have to face when they are taken from the

World acclaimed actor John Hurt has come aboard as the UCI
spokesperson for the video. He will be talking on the UCI mandate and goals
for the future as a powerful voice for the Cetacean Nation.
We are also developing a compilation music CD, called “Out Of The
Blue” which is supported by various world class artists such as Sting,
Peter Gabriel, Julian Lennon, Sarah McLaughlin, Natalie Merchant,  Belinda
Carlisle. Jackson Brown, Achaala, Tim Wheater, Toni Childs, Bran 3000 and
other talented committed artists such as John Trudel, the former president
of the American Indian Movement(AIM). All of the music has been donated by
the artists.

Dolphins and Whales do not volunteer to be ambassadors for their
species, or to be put in tanks for the rest of their now shortened lives.
They are chased, harassed, and netted in a very violent way. They will
never see their families again. And this happens all in the name of “family
entertainment”. Its up to each and every one of us to take a stand for a
healthy environment that honors the truth. We must become a loud enough
voice for the well being of our cetaceans. They cannot speak for

We believe that there are more humane ways to educate, and
entertain, therefore we will dedicate our future efforts to that end. We
invite you to join us in our efforts protect all cetaceans, and work
towards a future where all marine mammals remain in the wild where they

Thank-you for your concern,